166 links in 8 categories.

Compilers & Tools (34)
Any imaginable compiler that can be used in developing an OS along with tools such as emulators and IDEs.
Design (6)
Design info/ideas for OSes and UIs.
General & Misc (14)
General OS dev links and links that don′t quite go anywhere else.
Hardware Interfacing (27)
A list of links to tutorials on such topics as Memory Management, IDT, GDT, PIC and various other acronyms relating to OSdev.
Languages (10)
To develop an OS you must know at least one language(assembly), but the more you know, the better your experiences will be.
Libraries (9)
A good list of OpenSource libraries that will help with the progression of your OS′s own libraries.
Newsgroups and Messageboards (6)
Newsgroups and messageboards where you can discuss OS development and get help.
Operating Systems (60)
GPL, BSD, MIT... You name it, if an OS is under an OpenSource License, you can find it here. We check this list often to ensure project activity.
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