Bona Fide: All About It

The Goal

There is a lot of information vital to OS developers scattered all over the internet. But it's not all in one place. There's a doc here, a tutorial there, and a bunch of kernel source codes on various FTP servers. This makes finding the information hard. Bona Fide OS Development's goal is to provide OS developers with all the docs, tutorials, and source codes needed for them to code their own operating system.

We do this by:

  • linking to tutorials, docs, and source codes
  • writing tutorials and docs for stuff that's not been written about yet
  • writing tutorials and docs for stuff that's not well documented/explained
  • providing well-commented source codes
  • providing a chat room via IRC for OS developers to swap info and help each other out

A long term goal is to also provide a "projects" section where OS devers can collaborate to make generic, open source "modules"(much like libraries, but with an emphasis on generic, well-commented code). For instance, a keyboard module could be made which with few or no modifications could be used in any OS. This will allow OS developers working on completely different OSes to share certain parts of their source code with each other, dramatically speeding up the amount of time needed to create an OS.

How you can help

I can use just about anyone's help. If you know of a good link having to do with OS dev then please go to the Links page and suggest the link(s). Also if you have written a tutorial or how-to on OS dev that you would like to see on this site, then please let us know.

You can also help support our URL and Hosting Fees By Donating. Touch base with us for more information on how to donate.

It would help us as a community continue to thrive if you linked to Bona Fide OS Development. Help spread the word!

Main Contributors

  • Joachim Nock
  • Tim Robinson
  • Chris Giese
  • Jordan C
  • Frank Millea
  • David D. Rude II aka "banned-it"
  • Mike Rieker
  • Akira
  • William Mccabe
  • Jeremy Richey
  • Cody Mays
  • Brenden aka mr xsism
  • And everyone who has emailed me with ideas for this site

Thanks so very much to everyone that has helped us through thick and thin and expansion and repair etc,etc,etc. Thanks for your endless support!! -BF Admins

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